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This is lot for 6 tanks from Tehnolog set of My Super tank line.

Lot includes 6 sprues. From each sprue you may assemble one tank, but each sprue may by assembled in 2 different ways. So from this set you can assemble 12 different tanks. Details from tanks is interchangeable, so you can assemble you own kind of fighting machines.

Tanks is advertised by Tehnolog as 15mm (1/100) scale. But are to small for it, by my opinion. So you can use it as 10mm (Drop Zone Commander or Firestorm Planet Fall) scale as main battle tank or for 6mm scale games (Warhammer Epic) as Beneblade size mammoth tanks.

Scale picture shown with Plastic Soldier (Flames of War) 15 mm scale tanks.

Material -plastic

Color – grey metal

By advised: lot includes only models, no any parrcage.